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    Nokia Lumia 800 - Record a phone conversation

    Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)
    Phone: Nokia Lumia 800
    Factory OS: Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango)

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    Record a phone conversation

    If you're on a call, you can record the conversation. While speaking, put the phone on Speakerphone. Then hold down the Camera button to record the call.

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    Discuss this tip:

    • guest

      how does it work?? it always turns on the camera. Where I can find the recorded call??

    • Francisco Ortiz Gonzalez

      Make or Receive the call and turn the SpeakerPhone ON. Press and hold the camera button to turn it on. When you see the image you are shooting in the display let go of the shutter and switch to VIDEO MODE by tapping the icon. Then press the shutter button to start recording a VIDEO which will record your conversation. You can point the camera at you or whatever…

    • rumbo

      No its not happening