Motorola Triumph Tips and Tricks

Android 2.2
Phone: Motorola Triumph
Factory OS: Android 2.2

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To use custom ringtones for your phone ringtone, your alarm or your text message notification, simply copy an MP3 file to one of the following folders:

The file will then show up when you want to change your alert:
For Ringtones go to Settings – Sound and display – Phone ringtone
For Text Messages go to – Settings – Sound and display – Notification sound
For Alarm, set the sound when you add a new alarm

Go to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications – Menu button – Filter – Select ‘All’ – Scroll down to Contacts Storage – Clear Data. This will delete contacts from the phone only, not the SIM card.

Most Android devices come with an alternative way of entering text called Swype. Many prefer this method and believe it is quicker.
When any text entry box appears, press and hold the box. Then select Input method: SWYPE. Once enabled, you simply drag your finger around the keyboard moving over the letters in the correct order to spell a word.

If you call someone regularly it can be useful to have a shortcut on your homescreen. To do this, long press on the Background, select Shortcuts, then Direct dial

Go to Settings – About Phone – Software Information

To enable this feature, go to Menu – Settings – Sound. Then ensure Pocket mode is selected.
Now, when your phone is in your pocket, it will gradually increase the ring volume

Open the Applications menu. Select Settings – Sound and display – Brightness. Then choose the desired brightness setting

When dialing a number, or storing a number in your contacts, inserting a comma ( , ) will pause the dialing for about 2 seconds

By default, the phone will recognise swear words, but insert x’s instead of the word. To change this, go to Settings – Voice input & output – Block offensive words

If you would prefer not to be told every time an app has been updated, go to the Android Market – Menu – Downloads – Menu. Then select Notifications


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