HTC Incredible S Tips and Tricks

Android 2.2
Phone: HTC Incredible S
Factory OS: Android 2.2

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If you have additional keyboards installed, you can switch between them by long pressing the 123 button while in keyboard mode

Aside from using a third party app, there are two standard ways to remove an application.
1) Go to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications, then choose the application you want to close and select Uninstall.
2) Go to Market – Downloads. Choose the application you want to remove and select uninstall

In your Dialer you can swipe left or right to choose between different numbers for a given caller

To enable this feature, go to Menu – Settings – Sound. Then ensure Flip for speaker is selected.
Then, when you are on a call you can simply flip the phone over to change to speaker phone mode

If you are viewing a website and you see a URL, you can long press on it and then choose to open the site in a new tab

Press Menu – Delete. Then select the message you want to delete by pressing the X next to the message. Then press Delete

When you’re on a voice call, you can switch to speaker phone by pressing the Menu key and selecting the option

Press the power button once. This will sleep or wake the phone

You can speed up the page load speed on your browser by disabling Javascript. Some sites may not function properly, but most will be fine

While in the Music Player, press the section at the top of the music player listing the Album or Title details.

This will let you search using various services including Youtube.


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