Acer Iconia Tab A100 (tablet) Tips and Tricks

By default, the tablet will recognise swear words, but insert x’s instead of the word. To change this, go to Settings – Voice input & output – Voice recognition settings. Then untick Block offensive words.

There is a hidden easter egg on the tablet. If you go to your Homescreen, then press Menu – Settings – About tablet, then tap on the Android version option 5 times you will be surprised.

Sometimes it doesn’t work, so try a couple of times. By the way don’t expect to see an actual Easter Egg. That is just the name given to things hidden inside software or operating systems.

When taking photos or videos, tap the screen where you want to focus on. The tablet will automatically adjust the settings to improve the image or video

If you prefer a different voice when listening to the Google Maps voice navigation, you can select another language or accent.

From the Homescreen press Menu – Settings – Voice input and output – Text-to-speech settings. Then under the Default settings section, press Default engine.

To change the language, go through the same process, but instead of Default engine, select Language.

There are a number of ways, as below. The first two of these may be disabled on some networks/carriers or Android versions however.

1) Go to Settings – Applications – Manage Applications. Then chose All at the top. Then scroll down to Contacts Storage – Clear Data.

2) Go to Contacts. Then press Menu – Delete. Then press Select all (at the top) and then Delete again.

3) Go to Settings – Accounts and sync. Then untick Background data and Auto-sync. Then go to Gmail (or an account that your tablet syncs with) and delete all of your Contacts from there. Then re-sync your tablet.

4) Download an App called ‘Delete All Contacts’ and use that as a last resort.

These methods above will delete contacts from the tablet only, not the SIM card.

While in the Music Player, long press on the song title of the music and you can search Youtube for more music

While typing emails or notes, you can simply tap the space key twice and the tablet will insert a full stop / period

To save an image in an email or in the browser, long press on the image and a menu will appear allowing you to save it.

For images inside text messages, you might have to press and hold on the message itself, rather than the image.

If you tend to run out of battery power quickly, then you can turn on power saving mode. Go to Menu – Settings – Power. Then check Enable power saver. You can then adjust when the power saving mode turns on.

If you have Power Saving mode enabled, then your tablet will display white colours as an off-yellow shade instead.

To turn this off, go to the homescreen – Menu – Settings – Display settings. Then uncheck Power saving mode.


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